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Tithe Apportionment for Longworth

Tithes were originally a tax which required one tenth of all agricultural produce to be paid annually to support the local church and clergy. After the Reformation much land passed from the Church to lay owners who inherited entitlement to receive tithes, along with the land.

The tithe apportionment was the main record of how tithes were to be commuted, showing how the overall rent charge for the district was apportioned to individual landowners on the basis of identifiable pieces of land, and how much tithe had to be paid for each plot of land. Details include names of owners and occupiers, size and use of plots of land.

Please note that only the Landowners and Occupiers names are shown below.

Tithe barns were usually associated with the village church or rectory, and independent farmers took their tithes there. Longworth still has a Tithe Barn.

Historic England list entry shows map with position and a photograph of the barn.

The Tithe Apportionment for Longworth was taken on the 27th March 1844.

Landowner Occupier
1..... ...........
2 BATTS Richard THOMAS Frankum
3 DEWE Thomas Himself
4 EDMONDS Albert SOPER George Esq.
6.HALL William Himself
7.HISSEY James SOPER George Esq.
8.HISSEY WilliamHimself
9 KING CharlesCHURCH Richard
10.LANGHAM Maurice Himself/Longworth Poor
11.LIDDIARD Walter Himself
12. LYFORD Joseph ARNOULD Joseph
13.MALLAM Sussanah Herself
14.MALLAM William Himself
15.PARTRIDGE JohnHimself
16.PRINCE James Himself/SIMMONDS John Esq.
17.PUSEY Phillip Himself
18.SMITH, CharlesJENKYNS Revd Owen
19.THOMAS TeagoPUSEY Philip
20.TOMBS & AnotherWILLIAMS William
22.WEAVING Robert DEWE Thomas
23.WEBB Joseph Himself