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Longworth & District History Society
actively exploring the history of our parishes

Our History Society Projects

The range of activities have included

Past Projects

  • compiling field names
  • collecting and taking photographs
  • hedge dating
  • war-time control towers survey
  • recording of monumental inscriptions of the local graveyards
  • transcribing parish registers of the area
  • oral memories of over 200 local villagers
  • collection of a library

Recent Projects

  • building a photographic archive - ongoing
  • preparation of historical walks.
  • obtaining and transcribing wills
  • collection of family trees of well established area surnames
  • world war 1 and 2 memories and items
  • researching our village men who died in the two world wars
  • collection of family trees of the men who died in two world wars
  • researching local school history and records
  • encouraging and publishing local stories
  • collecting newspaper cuttings - ongoing

Future projects

  • indexing of census and trade directories.
  • analysis of parish registers
  • census analysis
  • traditional buildings study
  • obtaining and transcribing deeds.
  • house histories.
  • archaeology
  • field walking

Church Green, Kingston

Looking via Church Green towards Kingston House Gates on the Abingdon road. The Church green is surrounded by the church, the Gates, Gatehouse lodge and the Old School.